FREE WORKSHOP - "Business Strategies of Best Performing Businesses"

After working with SME’s for over 30 years, Garry Pinch has identified the strategies adopted by the best businesses that guarantee their success. These businesses are not necessarily the largest or the most publicised, but they are the most profitable and have the strongest cash flow.
During this workshop, Garry will share with participants the strategies that highly successful businesses adopt to guarantee their success.
The workshop will: 
  • Provide easy to follow templates and tools to put in place the systems that drive profitability & cash flow
  • Develop targets for your business and implement systems that will have your team committed to meeting, and beating, those targets
  • Develop pricing strategies that increase profitability and improve cash flow
  • Explain why increasing your profit substantially increases the sale value of your business
  • Show how to use accounting reports to make better business decisions
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best to become the best!
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